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ProPay Commission Payments™

Recruit, Retain and Recognize Distributors with Value-added Commission Payments

When it comes to recruiting, retaining and recognizing distributors, money talks—especially cash paid quickly.

With ProPay Commission Payments™, you can now pay earned commissions via a ProPay Account at a savings over direct deposit or check processing systems. The funds can then be accessed using a company-branded Prepaid MasterCard card. With this convenient, cost-effective approach, you can pay all your distributors or just those “un-banked” distributors that are expensive to pay.

Issue a custom-branded Prepaid MasterCard® card

By issuing a custom-branded Prepaid MasterCard card that can be used to access funds in distributors’ ProPay Accounts, you make it easy for them to access their money. As soon as funds are paid to their ProPay Account, they can access them at over 1,000,000 ATMs worldwide or spend them wherever MasterCard debit cards are accepted. Alternatively, they can also transfer their funds to any U.S. checking account.

Increase brand awareness and recruiting opportunities

Direct Selling is all about conversations and using the branded Prepaid MasterCard card makes starting them easy. By using the branded Prepaid MasterCard card in everyday situations, distributors can easily and naturally start up conversations about the business opportunity or products. Plus, getting your company’s brand out into the community helps to legitimize the opportunity and increase brand awareness which softens the recruiting environment.

Paying commissions via ProPay helps distributors to reinvest in their business

Distributors typically use as much as 78% of commissions received through ProPay to purchase additional wholesale products, which increases your revenues. Many distributors view their ProPay Account as a business account which means they are more likely to use those funds to reinvest in their business. In fact, by implementing ProPay SpendBack™, you can allow distributors to buy wholesale products directly from their ProPay Account (rather than using the MasterCard card) which can significantly lower your transaction costs.

Help distributors get the most from their commission payments

By paying commissions to a ProPay Account, distributors are able to avoid mixing business and family funds allowing them to make the most of each commission payment. Even small commission payments feel more significant because the distributor can use the funds exactly how they want. If funds are paid directly to a family account, they can quickly get absorbed and mixed with other monies providing no compelling benefit for distributors.

Decrease the cost of managing commission payments

Traditional methods of paying commissions are restrictive and costly to manage. Paper checks can cost as much as $12 per check when considering the hard costs and labor required. Using direct deposit payments subjects companies to expensive ACH return fees if a distributor changes their checking account without notice. Many companies have to hire additional staff to manage these manual processes. By paying commissions to a static ProPay Account, you never have to worry about ACH return fees. ProPay’s electronic payment system provides a flexible fee schedule that allows you to save money on load fees and simplify the manual processes associated with paying commissions.

Pay “un-banked” distributors

A common problem for direct-selling companies is paying commissions to those who don’t have a checking account. This “un-banked” population can add a degree of complexity and cost to your commission payments, forcing you to pay using expensive checks. Paying commissions to a ProPay Account allows you to pay un-banked distributors quickly and inexpensively. Un-banked distributors can then access their funds via the branded Prepaid MasterCard card. In fact, many un-banked distributors also have a hard time qualifying for credit cards. By having a branded Prepaid MasterCard card they can make purchases online and have greater flexibility in their spending.

How Your Company Benefits
ProPay Commission Payments™ enables your company to:
  • Close the gap between recruiting/sales activities and money paid.
  • Extend your brand to the point of sale, legitimizing the opportunity and making it easier for distributors to approach prospective associates about the business.
  • Increase distributor loyalty, status and recognition by issuing custom cards for each sales level achieved.
  • Provide greater distributor service and satisfaction through greater convenience.
  • Eliminate direct deposit bounce-back fees (ACH Return) by paying to a static ProPay account vs. a checking account that might change.
  • Provide a re-loadable account for “un-banked” distributors who may not have access to traditional banking services.
  • Take advantage of the synergy of combining commission payments with other powerful ProPay Payment Network offerings.


How Distributors Benefit
With ProPay Commission Payments™, distributors can:
  • Get paid immediately versus waiting several days for a direct deposit or check.
  • Get the most out of every commission payment by keeping them separate from family funds. Even small commission payments feel larger because distributors have complete control over their money.
  • Easily use their commissions to reinvest in their business.
  • Enjoy flexible options for managing commissions: transfer them to their bank account, withdraw funds at an ATM, or spend them using their Prepaid MasterCard card.
  • Feel a greater sense of accomplishment, autonomy and control over your own financial destiny while enabling you to track expenses and reinvest to grow your business.
  • Experience a heightened sense of belonging and distributor community by eliminating transaction fees when registering for training seminars or classes given by network members.