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ProPay™ InstantPay

Recognize and Retain Distributors with Instant Rewards

It’s no secret that recruiting, retaining and recognizing your distributors is made a lot easier if you’re able to pay “quick start” or other types of “you do, you get” bonuses instantly. While such “quick start” bonus programs are gaining popularity as a compelling way to pay distributors fast and frequently, paper paychecks and direct deposit accounts are too rigid and expensive to make real-time payments feasible. Moreover, such traditional methods require distributors to open a business bank account, or co-mingle their commission dollars with their personal finances, something they don’t want to do.

Pay Bonuses and Commissions Instantly with a Flexible Fee Structure to Meet Your Needs

By contrast, ProPay InstantPay helps you recruit, retain and motivate distributors by letting you pay certain commissions and bonuses instantly with a flexible fee structure. Rather than using checks or direct deposit, commissions are paid to a ProPay Account.

Increase Distributor Activity With Instant Rewards

By decreasing the time between the completing the desired action and receiving the monetary incentive, distributors are much more likely to stay active and grow their business. For many direct-selling companies even small increases in the average distributor activity can mean millions to the bottom line.

The Problem With Direct Deposit and Paper Checks

Direct Deposit and Paper Checks have rigid costs that make it cost-ineffective for direct-selling companies to pay a distributor whenever an action is performed. They typically have to be processed in batches which necessitate that payments are delayed and received sometimes months after the distributor earns them. In contrast, ProPay allows for a dynamic, real-time flow of payments. Once a distributor meets the desired requirements, the direct-selling company can instantly initiate a payment to the distributor ProPay Account via ProPay’s XML interface. The timing of payments is completely customizable to the needs of the company and depending on the incentive. ProPay InstantPay is most effective for “quick start” or other “you do, you get” bonuses rather than standard “monthly” commission payments. For standard commission payments, take a look at ProPay Commission Payments™

How Your Company Benefits
One of five flexible services of the ProPay Payment Network™ that can be easily adapted to your business needs and objectives, ProPay InstantPay™ helps your organization:
  • Customize timing and flow of payments to meet any commission/bonus structure.
  • Pay certain commissions and bonuses instantly with a customized fee structure.
  • Create a “you do, you get” incentive to increase distributor loyalty and activity. Even small increases in sponsorship and retention can boost revenue by millions of dollars in some direct selling companies.


How Distributors Benefit
With ProPay InstantPay™, distributors can:
  • Get paid immediately when meeting certain requirements. No need to wait weeks or months to realize a reward for their effort.
  • Add merchant account capabilities to their ProPay Account.
  • Use their commission money to pay for training seminars or classes from other distributors within the network without incurring additional transaction fees.