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ProPay SpendBack™

Reduce Corporate Transaction Costs on Wholesale Orders from 50 to 70%

ProPay SpendBack allows distributors to purchase wholesale products from corporate directly using funds in their ProPay Account rather than paying with a credit card. By doing so, direct-selling corporations can lower the cost of these transactions from 50 to 70%.

Simplify and Accelerate the Wholesale Order Process for Distributors

ProPay SpendBack also simplifies and speeds up the wholesale purchase process for distributors by allowing them to pay with a readily available ProPay process rather than having to get out and use a credit card.

Up to 78% Percent of Funds Paid to a ProPay Account Are Spent Back to Corporate

Not only does ProPay SpendBack decrease your transaction fees, experience also shows that 78% of commissions paid to a ProPay account are used to place wholesale orders. That’s because it’s easy for distributors to track their funds and keep them separate from family funds. They can more easily designate their ProPay balance as business funds. In fact, distributors can spend any funds in their ProPay Account regardless of whether they come from merchant transactions (they accepted a credit card from a customer through their ProPay Account) or from commission payments.

Rewards Programs For Corporate Purchases

Because direct-selling corporations can save from 50 to 70% on wholesale orders using ProPay SpendBack, they may keep those cost savings or choose to apply them towards rewards programs for distributors. For example, you could allow distributors to earn points towards meeting their activity and commissions requirements.

Purchasing With A Prepaid MasterCard® card vs. Directly From Your ProPay™ Account

Without ProPay SpendBack, distributors could still order wholesale products with ProPay funds using the linked, custom-branded Prepaid MasterCard card. However, corporate would still be subject to typical credit card processing fees. By using ProPay SpendBack, distributors are able to purchase directly using their ProPay balance rather than via the Prepaid MasterCard card. ProPay charges a small fee on the transaction.

How It Works

  1. The distributor places a wholesale order on the corporate website.
  2. At checkout, the distributor can see how much money is available in their ProPay Account.
  3. The distributor can choose to apply funds from their ProPay Account towards the order.
  4. If there are not enough funds in the ProPay Account to pay for the whole order, the distributor may pay for the remaining balance using a credit card.
How Your Company Benefits
ProPay SpendBack™ enables your organization to:
  • Reduce transaction costs on distributor wholesale orders by up to half.
  • Save credit card transaction fees by accepting payment directly from Distributor ProPay™ Accounts.
  • Increase size and frequency of wholesale orders by making it easy for distributors to place wholesale orders and reinvest in the business.


How Distributors Benefit
With ProPay SpendBack™, distributors can:
  • Earn points towards free or discounted retail products.
  • Simplify orders and track business funds easily.
  • Track, spend and manage their business funds and expenses separately from their personal finances without having to open a business bank account.
  • Enjoy debit card services with no minimum balance.
  • Conveniently place wholesale orders and reinvest in their business.