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ProPay SplitPay™

Pay Distributors Instantly for Customer Internet Transactions

ProPay SplitPay, one of five flexible services of the ProPay Payment Network™, integrates into your existing distributor websites to let you pay distributors instantly for customer Internet sales by enabling you to split transaction proceeds between the distributor and your organization. Distributors receive internet transaction proceeds via a ProPay Account.

Increase Adoption and Utilization of Distributor Websites

Now, rather than waiting weeks to receive the proceeds for Internet orders, distributors are paid in real time. Because there is no time-delay between the transaction and the reward for that transaction, distributors are more likely to sign up for a distributor website and promote it to customers. They are also more likely to remain active for longer.

Process Internet Transactions Through Distributor ProPay Merchant Accounts™

By combining ProPay SplitPay with ProPay Distributor Merchant Accounts, internet credit card transactions are run through the distributor’s ProPay Merchant Account so your organization doesn’t have to bear the transaction costs. It also empowers the distributors to have more control over the proceeds of internet orders once they are available in their ProPay Account.

Customize Your SplitPay Solution

Because SplitPay is integrated into your existing system using ProPay’s XML interface, you can customize exactly how you want SplitPay to work to meet your unique business needs. ProPay™ will help customize a solution specifically for your company.

How It Works

  1. A customer places an order on the distributor’s website.
  2. The credit card payment for the order is processed by ProPay either through a distributor merchant account or a corporate merchant account.
  3. The proceeds from the transaction are immediately split between the distributor and corporate. Funds are paid to the respective ProPay Accounts.
How Your Company Benefits
ProPay SplitPay™ enables your organization to:
  • Split transaction proceeds between distributors and your organization.
  • Customize split payment solutions for any need.
  • Run credit card transactions through distributors’ ProPay Merchant Accounts™.


How Distributors Benefit
With ProPay SplitPay™, distributors can:
  • Receive commissions on Internet orders in real-time instead of waiting weeks.
  • Increase the use of their website via an instant reward for orders placed.
  • Earn more from their website.